MSc Theses

Postgraduate Student Title Year/Ref Supervisor Publication
Melaki Aggeliki The effectiveness of the public sector 2016/1 Associate Professor T. Stamatopoulos  
Athanasaki Marilena Exploring the impact of ERP systems in Management Accounting and Internal Control: An Empirical Research 2012/3 Professor C. Stefanou ICESAL-’12
Prog, Abstr
Alexakis Dimosthenis Cash Conversion Cycle and Profitability: An Empirical Investigation of Industrial Enterprises Listed on the Athens Stock Exchange 2012/4 Assistant Professor S. Arvanitis ICESAL-’12
Prog, Abstr
Arxavli Eleni Determinants of Working Capital Management 2012/7 Professor C. Siriopoulos ICESAL-’12
Vardaki Maria Investigation of the relationship of Management Accounting and Internal Control with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems: An Empirical research in Greece 2012/5 Professor C. Stefanou ICESAL-’12
Prog, Abstr
Vrontaki Stiliani Culture and Tax Evasion: An Extensive Literature Review 2012/8 Associate Professor T. Stamatopoulos IJBHT 
Prog, Abstr

Prog, Abstr

Magripli Euaggelia Audit Committee and Internal Audit as Corporate Governance Mechanisms 2012/9 Professor C. Siriopoulos ICESAL-’12
Prog, Abstr
Mastorakis Marinos The Financial Characteristics of Companies Controlled by Large Auditing Firms 2012/6 Professor C. Siriopoulos ICESAL-’12
Prog, Abstr
Meletaki Maria An empirical investigation of the effect of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP) in business performance: the case of Greece 2012/1 Professor C. Stefanou ICESAL-’12
Prog, Abstr
Pantagakis Emmanouil Expenditure on Research & Development and Performance of Enterprises: An Empirical Investigation of the high-technology sector (Software and Hardware) in EU 2012/10 Professor D. Terzakis ICESAL-’12
Tzigkounaki Hrakleia A Dynamic Approach to Leverage the European Maritime Companies 2012/2 Assistant Professor S. Arvanitis ICESAL-’12
Prog, Abstr
Vlahakis Emmanouil The Independence, the Role and Responsibility of Auditors of Private Companies 2014/11 Assistant Professor G. Iatridis  
Galeraki Kiriakoula Study Banking Shares Listed on the Athens Stock Exchange During the Crisis in Greece 2014 Professor G. Thanos  
Zografaki Maria Determinants of Liquid Assets 2012/14 Assistant Professor S. Arvanitis  
Katsoulaki Marina The Effect of the Composition of the Board and Family Property in Composition of the Audit Committee 2012/12 Professor D. Terzakis ICESAL-’12
Koutsou Athanasia Internal Control and Business Viability - An Empirical Study 2012/20 Assistant Professor G. Iatridis  
Makrivogiatzakis Giorgos Risk Assessment in the Context of Internal Audit in Greek SMEs 2012/15 Dr. Ch.Charissis  
Manias Ioannis Institutions, Institutional Change and Tax Evasion 2012/21 Associate Professor T. Stamatopoulos ICESAL-’12
Manioudis Michail Institutional Differences and Current Systemic Economic Crisis 2012/16 Associate Professor T. Stamatopoulos  
Manousaki Maria Financial Statement Analysis and Investigation of the Feasibility of FC OFI period 2006-2011 2012/17 Professor G. Thanos  
Bouza Maria How Financial Reporting Contributed to the Financial Crisis? 2012/19 Dr. Ch.Charissis ICESAL-’12
Pagkos Nikolaos Current Trends in Financial Control and Budgeting Programs. Their contribution to Sound Financial Management 2012/18 Dr. Ch.Charissis  
Stivaktaki Aikaterini How internal control can improve public sector-
The case of municipal government
2012/22 Assistant Professor G. Iatridis  
E-Government and cloud-computing applications 2013/2 Professor C. Siriopoulos

Emerald Insight


Grigorakis Zacharias Firm credit policy and sales management 2014/1 Assistant Professor G. Iatridis   
Manioudakis Alexandros Corporate governance and Accounting Infomation Systems 2013/13 Professor C. Stefanou  
Bournelis Nikolaos Risk management and effective implementation of Accounting Infomation Systems 2013/14 Professor C. Stefanou  
Nikiforos Ioannis Balance Sheet Bloat and the Cross Section Of Stock Returns: Evidence From Greece 2013/19 Lecturer G.Papanastasopoulos  
Chronopoulos Theodoros Evaluating ERP systems in hospitals: An empirical research 2014/19 Professor C. Stefanou  
Spinthakis Georgios The impact of ERP systems on business performance: An empirical research 2014/18 Professor C. Stefanou  
Vourgourakis Emmanuel Earnings mannipulation of capital intensive firms 2014/13 Assistant Professor G. Iatridis   
Gianneri Sofia Evaluation of internal control systems in the Banking Sector 2014/2 Dr. Ch. Charisis  
Giotis Nikolaos Audit Committee, Board of Directors and Financial Statements Quality 2014/9 Associate Professor T. Stamatopoulos  
Daskalaki Kiriaki Economic and institutional factors of bank profitability 2014/17 Professor E. Thalassinos  
Drakonaki Eleni Corporate Governance and CEO Compensation 2015/2 Assistant Professor S. Arvanitis  
Zervou Eleftheria Audit committee and Board characteristics 2015/1 Assistant Professor S. Arvanitis  
Stavroulaki Rodanthi The effect of cross-border mergers in business development 2014/27 Assistant Professor S. Arvanitis  
Fronimakis Kwnstantinos Determinants of leverage 2013/11 Professor D. Terzakis  
Merkoulidis Nikolaos The Research and Development (R&D) Expense and The Value of a Business 2013/20 Assistant Professor S. Arvanitis  
Meladakis Nikolaos Measurement of economic performance and social progress  2013/16 Associate Professor T. Stamatopoulos  
Kokotakis Vasilios Sticky Cost and Earnings Forecasts 2014/5 Associate Professor I. Sorros  
Sklavos Athanasios The adoption of cloud computing by small and medium enterprises in Greece 2014/28 Professor C. Stefanou  
Metaxas Georgios Corporate Tax Evasion 2014/21 Associate Professor T. Stamatopoulos  
Drakoulis Michail Methodology of analyzing financial statements and valuing business 2015/5 Assistant Professor V. Zisis  
Kiriakaki Aikaterini Social Accounting & Social Security 2013/15 Associate Professor T. Stamatopoulos  
Koutantou Asimenia Audit Committee Characteristics and Auditor Independence Assurance 2014/3 Professor C. Siriopoulos  
Tsintari Argiro Changes in internal audit at the period of great financial corporate scandals 2014/4 Dr. Ch.Charisis   
Albantakis Michalis The valuation of tangible assets during the economic crisis, by the companies that are applying the International Financial Reporting Standards (IAS) in Greece 2013/18 Associate Professor M. Rodosthenous  
Zografaki Dimitra Failure Prediction of Listed Companies 2013/21 Assistant Professor S. Arvanitis  
Papadouraki Manos Accounting Standardization and Financial Statement safety 2013/17 Associate Professor M. Rodosthenous  
Mokas Emmanouel The internal audit of firms. Theoretical and research approach 2013/1 Dr. Ch.Charisis  
Drakonakis Ioannis Ownership and corporate performance of shipping companies in New York Stock Exchanges 2014/20 Associate Professor M. Rodosthenous  
Papas Christoforos Performance Audit Implementation and Public Sector Efficiency Measurement: A European Perspective 2015/3 Associate Professor T. Stamatopoulos  
Mantalis Georgios Relationship between efficiency and ship class of Greek-owned shipping companies, listed on the NYSE 2013/25 Associate Professor M. Rodosthenous  
Kalomoiris Nikolaos The Relationship Between Executive Compensation and Firm Performance 2013/5 Associate Professor T. Stamatopoulos  
Louloudi Eleni Evaluating internal audit and intent – prospect in creating internal audit department in Greek, non – quoted small – medium size enterprises 2014/31 Dr. Ch.Charisis  
Lavrentakis Kostas Cost Behavior and fundamental Analysis of Operating Costs 2014/23 Assistant Professor S. Arvanitis  
Pittarokoili Aikaterini Investigation of the relationship of the Internal Audit  and the ERP system in compliance with the SOX enactment - Empirical research 2014/32 Professor C. Stefanou  
Melesanaki Anna The Cost and Management Accounting in ERP systems 2014/30 Professor C. Stefanou  
Makrigiorgakis Georgios The legal protection of the consumer banking 2014/29 Professor G. Iatrakis  
Papadaki Georgia Taxation and redistribution of income in the Eurozone 2013/24 Associate Professor T. Stamatopoulos  
Kornaraki Sofia The Association Between Financial Reporting Quality and Efficiency of Audit Committee and Corporate Governance Characteristics 2013/23 Assistant Professor S. Arvanitis  
Chatzigeorgiou Georgios Redefining Poverty as Risk and Vulnerability 2014/24 Associate Professor T. Stamatopoulos  
Dlimani Argiro Bank deposit of money and other assets 2015/8 Professor G. Iatrakis  
Nikolidakis Eutihios The effects of Mergers and Acquisitions on Business Growth 2014/16 Assistant Professor S. Arvanitis  
Iliou Anastasia Cultural Diversity and Performance 2014/12 Professor C. Siriopoulos   
Rovithaki Aikaterini Theoretical and Empirical Approach of the Viability Prediction of Greek Public listed Construction Companies from 2007 till 2011, in correlation with the International Events and References 2014/10 Professor G. Thanos  
Braimllari Elena  The implementation of International Standards on Auditing in the Private and Public sector: Benefits of Homogenization of the Audit Methodology 2013/26 Dr. Ch.Charisis  
Mavrakis Georgios Ownership Structure and Dividend Policy 2013/3 Assistant Professor S. Arvanitis  
Tzagkarakis Georgios Ownership Concentration and Firm Performance 2013/12 Assistant Professor S. Arvanitis  
Meronianakis Apostolos Earnings management in SMEs 2015/16 Assistant Professor V. Zisis  
Simeoudakis Miron Financial characteristics of the companies controlled by large audit companies in comparison with those of the companies controlled by small audit companies 2013/9 Professor C. Siriopoulos  
Dermitzaki Eleftheria Public Concessions – Evaluation Returns 2013/6 Associate Professor I. Sorros  
Vlahaki Maria Corporate Investment Loans 2014/6 Professor G. Thanos  
Progoulaki Paraskevi Corporate Governance and Environmental Reporting 2015/13 Professor D. Terzakis  
Kypriotaki Maria  The Accounting Financial Statements as a Prediction Tool in Corporate bankruptcy in Pharmaceutical Sector 2013/7 Associate Professor I. Sorros  
Zoyrari Eleftheria Can corporate governance save distressed firms from bankruptcy 2014/14 Professor D. Terzakis  
Kritsotaki Aikaterini Determinants of business Development Factors 2015/6 Assistant Professor S. Arvanitis  
Papoutsaki Vasilia Τhe Rescue plan of business by the law 4013/2011 2014/15 Professor G. Iatrakis  
Tzagkarakis Eleftherios The viability of the listed hotel firms in the Athens Stock Exchange 2007-2011 2014/8 Professor G. Thanos  
Thomaidi Maria Deficiency of Fiscal Policy, Crises and Corporate Governance in the Eurozone  2015/4 Associate Professor T. Stamatopoulos  
Parasiri Antigoni Modern trends of Managerial Accounting 2013/8 Associate Professor I. Sorros  
Kariotaki Maria The Audit Committee and the special characteristics of the Board 2015/7 Professor D. Terzakis  
Marketakis Konstantinos The impact of accounting on hotel management - a case study 2013/10 Associate Professor I. Sorros  
Kokkinakis Evagellos Compound Interest in Greece 2014/25 Professor G. Iatrakis  
Ferentzaki Eirini The gender effect of the board president in Corporate Value 2015/12 Professor C. Siriopoulos  
Gourounti Maria Financial Statements Analysis and Prediction models of bankruptcy company 2015/10 Associate Professor I. Sorros  
Kotsifou Maria Asset grouth, capital investments and corporate returns 2014/33 Lecturer G.Papanastasopoulos
Sifakis Georgios Τhe Audit of Financial Statements and the Risk of Failure 2014/22 Dr. Ch.Charisis  
Bouzaki Sotiria The effect of bank mergers and acquisitions on stock prices: The case of Greece 2015/17 Associate Professor C. Floros  
Parasiri Irene Study of the implementation of preventive and repressive audit in Municipal Water and Sewage Organizations (DEYAs) after application of the Kallikratis law 2014/26 Dr. Ch.Charisis  
Kallitsounaki Paraskevi Internal auditing banks 2013/22 Dr. Ch.Charisis  
Sfyridaki Maria LAW 4013/2011: REORGANIZATION PROCESS 2015/11 Professor G. Iatrakis  
Papadopoulou Zacharoula European subsidies as a factor of regional economic growth 2015/15 Associate Professor T. Stamatopoulos  
Datseris Georgios Τhe falsification of financial statements and the auditors’ audit 2014/11 Associate Professor I. Sorros