Accounting and Auditing

The aim of the MSc in Accounting and Auditing is to prepare high-level professionals with specialized knowledge and skills that are necessary for a successful career in the demanding and rapidly evolving field of Accounting and Auditing.

The MSc in Accounting and Auditing combining the scientific research of Universities and T.E.I.s (inside and outside of Greece), with the experience of recognized experts, it is recommended with an academic title, widely accepted for those who are interested in a highly returning career on subjects of accounting, taxation, Audit (Internal Audit or Certified Accountants), and more generally the Financial Directorate Businesses and Organisations.

Guiding principles of the MSc in Accounting and Auditing:

Academic Rigor

Broad and thorough analysis of contemporary theoretical tools and techniques in Accounting, Auditing, Standards, Taxation, Information Systems and their relevant institutional context.

Practical Applications

Certified Auditors – Accountants and leading experts convey to the class or laboratories the real problems in companies or organisations and give the best practice as solutions to the problem.

Excellent Combination of Lecturers

Internationally acclaimed University Professors and Lecturers combine their teaching work with the practical application of recognized experts.

Professional outlets of graduates on MSc in Accounting and Auditing can be:

  1. High level jobs in Accounting and Auditing in Greece and abroad, to companies or organisations, public or private and regardless of industry.
  2. Having the capability of success in professional certification exam for the entry in the register of Certified Auditors will be able to work as Certified Auditors, either as freelancers or as employees of their respective owners.
  3. To teach at various levels of education issues related to the disciplines of Accounting and Auditing.
  4. To work as experts in matters related to the Accounting and Auditing.
  5. To continue their studies at doctorate level under which they could pursue an academic career.