These heaps of garbage at the corners of the stone blocks, these tumberls of mire jolting through the streets at night, these horrid scavengers’ carts, these fetid streams of subterranean slime which the pavement hides from you, to you what all this is?

It is the flowering meadow, it is the green grass, it is marjoram and thyme and sage, it is game, it is cattle, it is satisfied low of huge oxen at evening, it is perfumed hey, it is golden corn, it is bread on your table, it is warm blood in your veins, it is joy, it is life…


1.         T. Manios, P.A. Millner and E.I. Stentiford (2000). Effect of rain and temperature on the performance of constructed reed beds. Water Environment Research, 72 (3), 305 – 312.


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  • «Developing a HYBRID Constructed Wetland for Treating and Reusing Municipal Wastewater of Small and Very Small Communities» funded by the GSRT in Cooperation with Prisma Domi SA,. Total Budget 450,000 €.
  • «Developing Novel BIOFILTERS for Odour Control» funded by the GSRT in Cooperation with Environmental Engineering SA, Alteren SA and Harokopio University of Athens. Total Budget 250,000 €.
  • «Correlating Pollution Build up in Highway Runoff with Quantity and Quality of Traffic» funded by the GSRT in Cooperation with Technical University of Crete, Department of Environmental Engineering. Total Budget 66,000 €.

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