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 “Commun-AID-Increasing the capacity of domestic workers of different origins to respond to sexual violence through community-based interventions funded by European Commission under the DAPHNE III programme, is a project that expects to provide a baseline assessment of the problem in countries with limited information. It will highlight the existing policy gaps and help the partner countries set measurable targets that can be properly monitored and evaluated. Support systems drawing on community dynamics will be developed to efficiently meet the needs of victimized migrants.

 Countries from south, central and north Europe with the greatest proportion of migrants and migrant domestic workforce have been purposively selected for comparative reasons Greece, Cyprus, Austria, Sweden, and Slovenia to be  involved in the consortium. Academic departments, (4 institutes of higher education), a number of NGOs ( 4 NGOs),along with their members with long experience  in the field of violence and migration and different background (sociologists, psychologists, lawyers, social workers, nurses),are involved in the project to ensure high quality of the project's outcomes. Organizations with high expertise have also been selected to serve as advisors.

 The project , will be implemented in 6 individual workstreams (WS 0)“Management and coordination”, (WS 1)“Review of evidence on migrants' sexual victimization and assessment of victims’ needs”, (WS-2)“Mapping community resources, allies, interventions and policies”, (WS-3)“Development of a crisis intervention web tool”, (WS-4)“Development and implementation of a train-the-trainer intervention” and (WS-5) “Dissemination”