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Union of Women Members Associations of Heraklion Prefecture


The Union of Women Members Associations of Heraklion Prefecture is an NGO, established in the year 2000, which belongs to the Voluntary Non-Governmental Organizations and is based at the city of Heraklion, Crete. It is an organization for women’s and children’s rights, which also promotes culture and civilization.

The Union is active in the following areas:

  1. Provision of shelter assistance and social service to violated and abused  women and children
  2. Actions of dissemination, awareness raising and education for the abused women, at private or social level (work, etc).
  3. Scientific provision of services (psychological support, legal advice, integration of abused women to the labour market etc).  
  4. Counseling and coaching for women to return to normal life and support 

 SOS hotline for reporting domestic violence incidents and providing support (24hrs / 7 days operation). Furthermore,  the Union is dedicated to preventing violence against women through the following main projects, which include: The shelter for abused women and children; Hot Line-Against Domestic Violence (Hot line 801-11-16000); the counseling centre; and the Second Guest House, the “House of Angels”, which is in building phase.


Mary Pachiadaki

Nikolas Spetsidis

Emmanouella Skoula


Contact details: 56Meramvellou, GR-71202, Heraklion, tel./fax: +30 2810242121, email: info@kakopoiisi.gr, ksenona@hotmail.com, website: www.kakopoiisi.gr, Contact person: Emmanouella Skoula.