Dr. Andreas Vlisidis, Assistant Professor

Dr. Andreas Vlisidis is an Associate Professor in the Applied Informatics and Multi-media dept., School of Applied Technology, Technological Educational Institute of Crete (TEIC), with educational fields in Telecommunications , Satellites Communications, Wireless Sensor Networks and  Industrial information systems.

He studied at the Department of Physics, University of Patras and he  received  a Master's Degree (MSc) in Electronics and Telecommunications and Ph.d. in “Optimization of sizing of Hybrid Energy Systems for Buildings through on-line energy Management”. 
He is scientific director of the Laboratories of “Data Acquisition and processing” and “Industrial information systems”, a visitor professor at the Transylvania University of Brasov, Master Program “Engineering Design and Management of Renewable Energy Systems” and representative of the TEI in the Master Program “Energy Systems”, of FH-Aachen/Juelich.
He has participated in a series of national research and development projects, as a reviewer of scientific papers and member of committees of international conferences and workshops. He is an organizer and scientific director for five consecutive years in the ERASMUS IP "Telecommunications and Multimedia Technologies".
His writings include publications in refereed journals and conferences.

He served as President and scientific director in the program "Energy and Environmental Technologies”, in the period  1998-2006.

Papadourakis George Professor, papadour@cs.teicrete.gr

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