Dr. Kostas Vassilakis, Professor

Dr. Kostas VASSILAKIS (MSc, PhD Computer Science) is currently Professor of In-formatics at the Department of Sciences of Technological Educational Institution (TEI) of Crete and director of the School of Applied Technology from 2010. Apart from his teaching and administrative activities, he is academic responsible of Network Operation Centre of TEI of Crete, member of the Internal Evaluation Group of Department of Sciences and member of the Administrative Council of the non-profit civil company "Greek Universities Network” (GUnet - Academic Network). Additionally, he is responsible for the provision of distance learning services (synchronous and asynchronous) in TEI of Crete. In the past he was head of the Computer Science Division (academic periods: 1990-1, 1993-4, 2003-4, 2004-5 & 2005-6) and head of the Department of Sciences (2008-10). One of his current activities is the promotion of Free and Open Source Software at TEI of Crete.

His research interests are in the areas of tele-services, tele-education (systems & applications) computer networks and decision support systems. He is involved in two research labs: (a) “New Technologies in Education” (responsible) and “Artificial Intel-ligence and Software Engineering” (researcher) in TEI of Crete. He has participated in various European and National funded projects (research, developmental and educational) and he is author/co-author of more than 40 refereed articles published in peer-reviewed international journals, proceedings of conferences and books. He is member of scientific committees in several international conferences (IADIS, CBLIS, NHIBE etc).

Papadourakis George Professor, papadour@cs.teicrete.gr

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