Dr. Michael Kalogiannakis, Assistant Professor

Dr. M. Kalogiannakis is Assistant Professor at the University of Crete, Department of Preschool Education and scientific collaborator at TEI of Crete. From the year 2004 he teaches courses about didactics of Informatics, distant education in the Department of Sci-ences (Computer Science Division) and in the Department of Applied Informatics and Multimedia at TEI of Crete.

He was a postgraduate student of the Department of Physics of the University of Crete and possess a PhD and 2 postgraduate titles from the University Paris 5 (Sorbonne) about the pedagogical use of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). He has also worked for 7 years in the French Pedagogical Institute (INRP, Institut Nationale de la Recherche Pédagogique), in the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris and in the Laboratory EDA (Education et Apprentissages) of the University Paris 5 for issues about pedagogical use of ICT, educational innovations and distant learning.

He is author of a monograph in French for the creation of virtual communities of learning and co-editor of a collective volume about distant education in institutions of tertiary education. He has also published more than 20 scientific researches in international and Greek journals with referee system and has participated in more than 40 international conferences. He is referee in a significant number of conferences and journals about distant education, didactics of exact sciences and the pedagogical use of ICT. He proposes and supervises 3 graduate theses every academic year.

Papadourakis George Professor, papadour@cs.teicrete.gr

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