The Inter-institutional Postgraduate Study Programme (I.P.S.P.) in “Organic Electronics and Applications” is developed in the framework of the Erasmus Action LLP OREA “Organic Electronics & Applications” and is co-organized by the Department of Electrical Engineering of the University of Applied Sciences (U.A.S) of Crete located in Heraklion, the Department of Electronic Engineering of the U.A.S. located in Chania, the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Materials Science and Technology of the School of Science and Engineering of the University of Crete (UOC) located in Heraklion.


The purpose of the I.P.S.P. in “Organic Electronics and Applications” is the education and specialisation in the technology of organic semiconductors for the progress of research and applications of said semiconductors in modern science and nanotechnology. More specifically, the I.P.S.P. aims to promote young scientists with theoretical and practical skills in the fields of Engineering, Chemistry, Physics and Material Science of Technological Institutes, so that they may progress and adapt to the modern requirement of research, technology, education and the employment market in both Greece and Europe. Furthermore, the I.P.S.P. moves towards the main development priorities of Greece, meets the basic societal needs and provides opportunity for high-level academic activities.

The I.P.S.P. envisions holding the brain drain experienced nowadays of young graduate students that continue their postgraduate studies on abroad by offering a high quality and high competitive course curriculum in collaboration with top European Institutions. At the same time envisions attracting young scientists from abroad to be enrolled into its educational activities and continue their postgraduate studies in Greece.  This will be a contribution to the national effort towards overcoming the financial crisis by investing in science and technology.

The I.P.S.P. hopes to guarantee full training for its graduates, all while offering them the necessary qualifications for the staffing and development of educational and research institutions, companies and public organisations, both in Greece and abroad.


During their studies in the I.P.S.P., students will also develop personal skills, such as critical thinking, the ability to plan research studies, fluency in oral presentations and the ability to write scientific articles. These skills, along with specialisation in modern applications which the programme offers, will turn graduates into interesting and competitive staff members, capable of meeting the requirements of the modern employment market.

Finally, the I.P.S.P. aims to prepare, to better and to further develop the research skills of its graduates for the continuation of studies at a PhD level.

Graduates of the I.P.S.P. in “Organic Electronics and Applications” will be able to:


  • Realize the synergy between modern technological applications and the latest knowledge of organic semiconductors and their set ups.
  • Utilize basic tools and methods for the preparation and characterisation of organic semiconductors and their respective set ups.
  • Make important professional decisions in a complex and competitive work environment.
The I.P.S.P. in “Organic Electronics and Applications” has duration of three (3) academic semesters of full time studying and five (5) academic semesters of pat-time studying. During the first two semesters, the students will attend 6 compulsory courses and two compulsory courses of their choice. The last semester is assigned for the preparation of their master thesis in one of the collaborating laboratories.


 The Master of Science degree in “Organic Electronics and Applications” (Μ.Sc – Master of Science in Organic Electronics and Applications), will be awarded by the U.A.S. of Crete and the University of Crete. Moreover, the option for the Master thesis preparation in one of the collaborating institutes or enterprises on abroad is offered (University of Erlangen, Dresden, Milan, Rome, Groningen, etc), funded by the Erasmus Programme.


The I.P.S.P. will be launched in October 2017 and will be exclusively delivered in the English language. The call for applications is expected in early June 2017.


Best regards,
Prof. Emmanuel Kymakis
The Director of the I.P.S.P.



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