Bodies of the I.P.S.P.

1. Special Interinstitutional Committee

Supreme body of the I.P.S.P. is the Special Inter-Institutional Committee (S.I.C.), as appointed by article 2, paragraph b of Law 3685/08, the extent of which is defined by the Law itself as well as by the regulation of post graduate studies of the U.A.S. of Crete and the University of Crete. The S.I.C. is composed of seven (7) faculty members from the department of Electrical Engineering of the University of Applied Sciences (U.A.S) of Crete based in Heraklion, department of Electronic Engineering of the U.A.S. based in Chania, the department of Chemistry and the department of Materials Science & Technology of the School of Science and Engineering of the University of Crete based in Heraklion and two (2) representatives of the Programmes’ post graduate student body, as is required by the collaboration protocol of the cooperating Departments. The S.I.C. will serve for two (2) years with the possibility of renewal (unless specific causes should occur). Based on the same collaboration protocol, three (3) of faculty members of the S.I.C. are from the Department of Electronic Engineering, one (1) is from the Department of Electrical Engineering, two (2) are from the Department of Material Science and one is from the Department of Chemistry of the University of Crete. The S.I.C. is qualified to appoint the members of the advisory committee, the examination committee and the coordination committee. It is also in charge awarding the post graduate diplomas, the composition of the selection or examination committees for the post graduate student candidates, as well as any other issues that are predicted by its internal regulations. Assemblies of the S.I.C. may be called in which all members of the faculty of the collaborating Departments have the right to speak.

2. Coordination Committee (C.C)

The S.I.C. elects a number of its members to form the coordination committee (C.C.), as is required by law. This committee is responsible for the coordination and operation of the I.P.S.P. The C.C. consists of the Director and four (4) other members, its service lasts for two (2) years with the possibility of renewal and its duties are established by Law 3685/08 and the regulation for post graduate studies of the U.A.S. of Crete and the University of Crete. The Coordination Committee, through which all of the collaborating Departments are represented, is inform to update the competent bodies of the Departments of matters involving the I.I.P.S.P., if such a thing has been requested.

3. Director of the I.P.S.P.

The S.I.C. and the C.C. are presided by the Director of the I.P.S.P., who is also a member of the C.C., holds the position of Professor or Substitute Professor and serves as Director for two (2) years with the possibility of renewal.

4. Secretarial Support

Secretarial duties and management/administration support are fully undertaken by personnel with high level qualifications (excellent knowledge of the English language, excellent communication skills, post graduate title desired, database knowledge, knowledge of web design and management). The secretariat deals with various management and administrative issues for the operation of the programme (notices, applications, student registrations, time schedule, keeping grade files and so on), as is established by the C.C. and approved by the S.I.C. The composition of all documents may also be done in English.

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