Post graduate title

The I.P.S.P., organised and operated by the Department of Electrical Engineering of the University of Applied Science (U.A.S) of Crete based in Heraklion, the Department of Electronic Engineering of the U.A.S. based in Chania, the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Materials Science and Technology of the School of Science and Engineering of the University of Crete based in Heraklion, will award  a Master of Science degree in “Organic Electronics and Applications” (Μ.Sc – Master of Science in Organic Electronics and Applications), which will be co-signed by the President of the U.A.S. of Crete, the Dean of the University of Crete and the director of the I.P.S.P..

Before the graduation ceremony, a certificate may be given to the graduate which confirms that he or she has successfully completed his or her studies. The prototype of the diploma is given as one (1) copy and cannot be replaced in the case of loss or destruction under any circumstances. The presentation of the Μ. Sc takes place along with an oath in a public ceremony. The graduation ceremony is regulated by decision of the Council of the U.A.S. of Crete and the University of Crete. For any individual who does not wish to give a religious oath, a simple mention in their honour is permitted.


The Diploma Appendix will include all the additional information regarding the Master of Science Diploma, such as the Title of MSc Thesis, a detailed report on the grades received in each post graduate course as well as the grade given on the MSc thesis (good, very good, excellent), feedback in the learning of advanced laboratory research techniques & laboratory work and reference to subsidiary educational work (if such has been done).

Dr. Minas M. Stylianakis
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MSc Director: Prof. Emmanuel Kymakis