Selection Criteria

The candidates are selected based on the credit points they have gathered from: Their final undergraduate Bachelor grade, knowledge of the English language, professional experience on the subject and a personal interview. Those who have gathered the most credit points are selected, although candidates with professional experience will be seriously considered. The maximum possible score has been set at 150 credit points.

 More specifically, the list of selection criteria is the following: (with priority descending from number 1 to 4)
1. Final Diploma result score
The credit points from the Diploma Score are calculated as follows:
Credit Points=5 x Diploma Score
2. Knowledge of the English Language
Certified knowledge of the English language is required.
Level of knowledge:

  • Excellent (C2): 30 credit points
  • Very Good (C1): 20 credit points
  • Good (B2): 10 credit points

3. Experience on the subject
The maximum score that can be gotten from working experience on the subject is 30 credit points which comes as a result of:

  • The relevance of the final thesis of the Undergraduate Bachelor
  • Publications in high impact factor scientific journals. The credit points are the result of the addition of the Impact Factors.

 4. Interview
The maximum score is 40 credit points. The final interview score is an average of the relative score given by each of the members of Selection Committee.

For participation in the selection process, possession (or an upcoming/expected possession) of a Greek University Bachelor Degree Diploma or Bachelor Degree Diploma awarded by a Higher Educational Institution of abroad that is certified by the National Academic Recognition Information Centre (D.O.A.T.A.P.)  in a relative scientific subject as this is determined by the Greek legislation, is required. Applications for the Master’s of Science Degree will be accepted only from senior students who have a studies completion certificate.
The Selection Committee for the candidates is appointed by the S.I.C.

Dr. Minas M. Stylianakis
Phone: +30 2810-379775
Fax: +30 2810-379844

MSc Director: Prof. Emmanuel Kymakis