Student Responsibilities – Course Attendance

  1. Students will attend all form of teaching provided for each course. The professors will hold record of attendance and, at the end of each lesson, will commit a list of names of the students whose attendance was lacking.
  2. In accordance with the above statement, students who have failed to sufficiently attend any lesson will be excluded from the examination for this course.
  3. Only students who have failed a maximum of three (3) courses may re-sit these exams during the September examination period.
  4. Only students who, by the end of the September examination period, have failed in maximum one (1) course in the first three semesters may begin the preparation of their master’s thesis.
  5. Should a student fail to successfully attend a course, he or she may retake the course, but no more than once and sit the exam for this course no more than twice each semester.
  6. The total duration of studies should be no more than four (4) years.
  7. After ruling of the S.I.C., a number of post graduate students may choose part-time studying. In this case, the total duration of studies is extended to four (4) years and the courses are distributed among the semesters according to an indicative schedule approved by the S.I.C. Part-time students may attend 5th semester courses if, after the end of the September examination period, they have failed in two (2) of the courses in the first 4 semesters maximum.
  8. After ruling of the S.I.C. suspension or extension of studies may be granted, if and only if valid reason is presented by the student. Suspension or extension may be granted only once per student with a maximum duration of one year.
  9. After ruling of the S.I.C., students may be excused from a course in which they have proven and documented professional or other experience.
  10. Students in the I.P.S.P. take part in all educational and research activities (seminars, conferences, workshops etc.) of the School of Engineering of the U.A.S. of Crete.
  11. Post graduate students who are receiving scholarship must offer subsidiary work in under graduate laboratories of the School of Engineering of the U.A.S. of Crete twice a week at most for one (1) semester. They may also oversee examinations for undergraduate courses. Should a student refuse to do so or show lack of attendance, he or she will not be given the relative certificate and the matter is brought to the attention of the Coordination Committee for discussion.


A special committee staffed by members of the I.P.S.P. defines and reports the nature of the subsidiary work and the amount of time spent on said work for each student. This educational experience is certified with a relative certificate administered by the School of Engineering of the U.A.S. of Crete. It is also indicated in writing on the Diploma Appendix.

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