Teaching faculty

The teaching faculty of the I.P.S.P. in "Organic Electronics and Applications":

Department of Electrical Engineering

  1. Kymakis Emmanuel, Full Professor
  2. Koudoumas Emmanuel, Full Professor
  3. Katsarakis Nikolaos, Full Professor
  4. Dr. Stylianakis M. Minas, Research Associate

Department of Electronic Engineering

  1. Dr. Petridis Konstantinos, Asst. Professor
  2. Kaliakatsos Ioannis, Full Professor
  3. Kapetanakis Eleftherios, Assoc. Professor

Department of Chemistry

  1. Coutsolelos Athanassios, Full Professor
  2. Anastasiadis Spiros, Full Professor
  3. Anglos Demetrios, Assoc. Professor

Department of Materials Science and Technology

  1. Kioseoglou George, Assoc. Professor
  2. Kopidakis George, Assoc. Professor
  3. Papazoglou Dimitrios, Asst. Professor
  4. Remediakis Ioannis, Asst. Professor

Dr. Minas M. Stylianakis
Phone: +30 2810-379775
Fax: +30 2810-379844
Email: mscorea@staff.teicrete.gr

MSc Director: Prof. Emmanuel Kymakis