TA-1001 Wave Physics

Course Title:
Wave Physics


Short Description:
The main aim of the course is to introduce the student to the basic principles of the mechanics and to analyze the concept of the oscillations and of the mechanical waves using basic principles of calculus.
The course covers the subjects:
- Kinetic theory of particles: position, velocity, acceleration and the three laws of Newton
-Forces and Energy: friction forces, time dependent forces, speed dependent forces, work, kinetic and dynamic energy, work-energy theorem, power
-Oscillations: definitions, simple harmonic motion principles and definitions, Hooke law, the simple pendulum, mechanical energy (kinetic and dynamic energy) in simple harmonic motion, simple harmonic motion synthesis in 1D, the beating effect, simple harmonic motion synthesis in 2D, damped oscillations, forced oscillations, Resonance
-Introduction to waves: definitions and types of waves, velocities in waves, universal wave equation, wavefunction, the general wave equation, normal mode and frequencies in simple coupled harmonic oscillations, wave energy and power per wavelength
- Basic Wave Phenomena: wave synthesis, the beating effect in space and time, standing waves, standing waves on strings with firmly ends, resonances, reflection and transmission of waves in two-strings boundary, Doppler effect
-Sound Waves Introduction: definitions, synthesis of sound waves, pressure waves, sound from round membranes with firmly ends, geometry of sound generation and propagation in free field, plane waves, cylindrical waves and spherical waves, intensity of waves, intensity in decibels, introduction to the physiology of acoustics
Laboratory with the following exercises: Free fall arrangement, simple pendulum arrangement, Hooke law arrangement, Friction forces arrangement, Doppler Effect Arrangement, Wave Synthesis and Fourier synthesizer Arrangement, Standing wave in strings (two arrangements), Tuning fork set for resonance, Chladni plates arrangement, Longitudinal and transverse wave demonstrators, Impedance mathing wave transmission demonstrator

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Course Assessment:
Weekly papers, Midterm Exams, Final Exams


Prof. Nektarios A. PAPADOGIANNIS, email: npapadogiannis@staff.teicrete.gr