The Department's mission is to provide students with high level engineering education, which includes the theory and practice of a wide range of topics in electrical engineering. The mission is accomplished by continuously developing a variety of educational and research activities, with the systematic improvement of infrastructure and the expansion of human resources.
Specifically, the Department develops actions such as:

  • Continuous updating of course content to adapt them to the current state-of-the-art.
  • Regularly updating of the curriculum with a view of learning time optimization and integrating modern teaching methods.
  • Conducting high level of applied /technological research and the participation in national and international research programs, targeting to the department promotion but also to the research training of our students.
  • Incorporation of new technologies in teaching and the dissemination of educational and research information materials.
  • Groundwork in order to be receptive to educational, social and economic changes in a frequently changing regional, national and international environment.
Weight / Βάρος Περιεχόμενο
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