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Vassilios Saltas
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General Physics (theory and Laboratories, 1st semester)
Physics for Environmental Engineers (theory and Laboratories, 2nd semester)
Applied Thermodynamics (theory, 3rd semester)
Environmental Physics - Geomaterials (postgraduate coursesι)

Bachelor in Physics, Dept of Physics, University of Ioannina
PhD in Physics, Dept of Physics, University of Ioannina

Electrical - dielectric properties of minerals and rocks at high temperatures or pressures.
Acoustic emissions from rocks under mechanical stress.
Thermodynamic properties of point defects in materials.

Publications in peer-reviewed journals during the last 5 years

Complex electrical conductivity measurements of a KTB amphibolite sample at elevated temperatures.
V. Saltas, V. Chatzistamou, D. Pentari, E. Paris, D. Triantis, I. Fitilis, F. Vallianatos.
Materials Chemistry and Physics 139 (2013) 169 – 175.

Charge transport in diatomaceous earth studied by broadband dielectric spectroscopy.
V. Saltas, F. Vallianatos, E. Gidarakos.
Applied Clay Science 80 - 81 (2013) 226 – 235.

Application of the cBΩ model to the calculation of diffusion parameters of He in olivine.
F. Vallianatos and V. Saltas.
Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 41 (2014) 181 – 188.

A combined complex electrical impedance and acoustic emission study in limestone samples under uniaxial loading.
V. Saltas, I. Fitilis, F. Vallianatos.
Tectonophysics 637 (2014) 198 – 206.

Thermodynamic calculations of self- and hetero-diffusion parameters in germanium.
V. Saltas and F. Vallianatos.
Materials Chemistry and Physics 163 (2015) 507-511.

Potential of acoustic emissions from three point bending tests as rock failure precursors.
Z. Agioutantis, K. Kaklis, S. Mavrigiannakis, M. Verigakis, F. Vallianatos, V. Saltas.
International Journal of Mining Science and Technology 26 (2016) 155-160.

A thermodynamic approach of self- and hetero-diffusion in GaAs: Connecting point defect parameters with bulk properties.
V. Saltas, A. Chroneos, F. Vallianatos.
RSC Advances 6 (2016), 53324-53330.

A thermodynamic approach to self-diffusion in silicon: Evidence of a single diffusion mechanism?
V. Saltas, A. Chroneos, F. Vallianatos
Materials Chemistry and Physics, 181 (2016) 204-208.

D.C. Conductivity of Thin-Film Ionic Conductors from Analysis of Dielectric Spectroscopy Measurements in Time and Frequency Domain.
E. J. Kapetanakis, P. Gkoupidenis, V. Saltas, A.M. Douvas, P. Dimitrakis, P. Argitis, K.Beltsios, S. Kennou, C.Pandis, A. Kyritsis, P. Pissis, and P. Normand.
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (2016) 21254–21262.

Investigation of oxygen self-diffusion in PuO2 by combining molecular dynamics with thermodynamic calculations.
V. Saltas, A. Chroneos, M. W. D. Cooper, M. E. Fitzpatrick, F. Vallianatos.
RSC Advances 6 (2016) 103641 - 103649.

Using Acoustic Emissions to enhance Fracture Toughness Calculations for CCNBD Marble Specimens.
K. Kaklis, V. Saltas, S. Mavrigiannakis, F. Vallianatos, Z. Agioutantis
Fracture and Structural Integrity 40 (2017) 1-17.

Tin diffusion in germanium: A thermodynamic approach.
Y. Panayiotatos, V. Saltas, A. Chroneos and F. Vallianatos
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 28 (2017) 9936-9940.

Composition and temperature dependence of self-diffusion in Si1-xGex alloys.
V. Saltas, A. Chroneos and F. Vallianatos
Scientific Reports 7: 1374 (2017). (

Modelling solid solutions with cluster expansion, special quasirandom structures and thermodynamic approaches
V. Saltas, D. Horlait, E. N. Sgourou, F. Vallianatos, and A. Chroneos
Applied Physics Reviews 4 (2017) 041301.

Thermodynamic modelling of fast dopant diffusion in silicon
V. Saltas, A. Chroneos and F. Vallianatos
Journal of Applied Physics 123 (2018) 161527.

Mg diffusion in Si on a thermodynamic basis
V. Saltas, A. Chroneos and F. Vallianatos
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, DOI: 10.1007/s10854-018-9205-y, 2018.

Complexity in Laboratory Seismology. From Electrical and Acoustic Emissions to fracture
V. Saltas, D. Triantis, I. Stavrakas, and F. Vallianatos.
Book chapter, “Complexity of seismic time series; Measurement and Applications”, Elsevier, 2018.


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Member of UNESCO Chair in Solid Earth Physics and Geohazards Risk Reduction

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