Department description

The Department of Music Technology & Acoustics Engineering is unique in its kind in higher education in Greece and comes to meet the ever growing needs for specialized engineers in the fields of sound, of Music Technology, and of Acoustics. These fields are continuously growing while, on the other hand, there is a great lack of specialized engineers in Greece, at a time where the advances in all aspects of electronic technology are rapid. The Department of Music Technology & Acoustics Engineering purports to cover this gap with well-trained graduates in all fields of Music Technology and Acoustics, able not only to follow the developments in these fields but to be one step ahead of them. Apart from education the Department has, since its foundation, a strong research orientation and extroversion, through which students are in direct contact with the developments in the field, in Greece and abroad, and the development of research projects and cooperation programs with Greek and foreign universities.
The subject of study in the Department of Music Technology & Acoustics Engineering is:
• The application of modern technology in the recording, analysis, synthesis, production and management of sound and music information.
• The science and technology of Acoustics.
Upon completion of their studies, the graduate engineers have the necessary scientific and technological knowledge and skills to be able to promptly work as professional engineers in all areas of their studies in the private and public sectors. Alternatively, they can follow postgraduate and/or doctoral studies in Greece or abroad for an academic career or to take senior positions in the private or public sector.
The level of study in the Department is equivalent to all higher education institutes in Greece (Universities and Technological Educational Institutes) and abroad, and belongs to category 6 of the Hellenic Qualification Framework.



Secretary: +30-28310-21900, 902 & 903
Secretary (Fax): +30-28310-21912
Head of Department: +30-28310-21901


Students can contact the Secretary’s Office every Monday, Thursday and Friday between 11:00 and 13:00.

Secretary: Nikos Goniotakis