Research Highlights

April 2014
The article: "V. Dimitriou, E. Kaselouris, Y. Orphanos, M. Bakarezos, N. Vainos, M. Tatarakis, and N.A. Papadogiannis, Three dimensional transient behavior of thin films surface under pulsed laser excitation, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, VOL. 103, ART.NO. 114104 (2013)", was chosen as the article of the month April 2014 in Applied Physics from the International and widely recognized scientific journal Advances in Engineering.
January 2014
The article Alexandraki C. and R. Bader. (2014). "Using computer accompaniment to assist networked music performance," received the Best Poster Award at the International conference  AES 53rd Conference on Semantic Audio which took place in London
February 2012
The article: "E. Bakarezos, V. Vathis, S. Brezas, Y. Orphanos, and N.A. Papadogiannis, Acoustics of the Chelys – An ancient Greek tortoise-shell lyre, APPLIED ACOUSTICS, VOL. 73, PP. 478-483 (2012)", besides its wide impact in the scientific communicty, was presented in the Greek newspaper  «ΤΟ ΒΗΜΑscience», using a two-page central presentation in  12/02/2012.  
December 2012
Prof. Papadogiannis, together with Prof. Tatarakis, were awarded the First National Prize for the year 2012 in Physical Sciences for research into laser-driven hydrogen fusion towards the production of clean energy. The prize was awarded in the framework of the action of Excellence in Higher Education Institutes, and after a selection process by the National Council for Research and Technology (Chairman: Prof. Krimitzis).
June 2010
The research activity in the framework of the HiPER research programme has a significant impact both in Greece and abroad (see, for example, newspaper Eleftherotipia)




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