In brief

Graduate profile

Upon completion of their studies, graduates possess the necessary scientific background and technological skills, that will enable them to operate professionally in all areas of their studies, within the private and public sector.



The modules of the first semesters enable students to acquire a good grounding in music, physics, mathematics, electronics and informatics. Subsequent semesters include specialization modules, as well as seminars on specific subject areas. Additionally, the program offers modules from the fields of Administration, Finance and Law and Humanistic Studies, which are related to the study program. The last semester is dedicated to the dissertation project and the practical training. The dissertation thesis is elaborated individually or in a group and has to be a creative blend of the subject areas of the department.


Secretary: +30-28310-21900, 902 & 903
Secretary (Fax): +30-28310-21912
Head of Department: +30-28310-21901


Students can contact the Secretary’s Office every Monday, Thursday and Friday between 11:00 and 13:00.

Secretary: Nikos Goniotakis