There are three Divisions within the Department which specialize in different yet complimentary scientific and technological fields.

Division A: Audio Signal Processing
Faculty members per Division: Potamitis Ilias, Zervas Panagiotis, Valsamakis Nikos, Alexandraki Chrisoula. Head of Division: Potamitis Ilias.
Division B: Applied Acoustics and Sound Engineering
Faculty members per Division: Kouzoupis Spyros. Head of Division: Kouzoupis Spiros.
Division C: Science
Faculty members per Division: Papadogiannis Nektarios, Christou Christos, Bakarezos Efthimios. Head of Division: Bakarezos Efthimios.

Courses that each Division supports:

Division A Division B Division C
Fundamentals of Music Theory and Notation Introduction to Acoustics Wave Physics
Audio & Music Programming Environments Musical Acoustics – Physics of Musical Instruments Mathematics I & II
History and Morphological Aspects of Music I & II Applied Acoustics I & II Introduction to Computer Programming
Music Communication Protocols History and Morphological Aspects of Music I & II Sound Systems I & II
Sonic Morphs & Sound Design I & II Sound Engineering - Studio I, II & III Electronic Components & Circuits
Sound Synthesis I
Sound Synthesis II
Applied Acoustics III Analog Electric Circuits I
Analog Electric Circuits II
Wireless Music-Audio Signal Transmission Mastering Protocols English I, II & III
Electronic Musical Instruments Seminar Digital Electronics
Special Topics in Music Programming Music Production Techniques Programming Languages
Introducion to the Vision Technology Sound Engineering – Live Performance Multimedia Applications
Seminar   Microprocessing Systems
Multichannel Digital Audio Processing Systems   Aesthetics in the Arts
Lighting systems   Music Business – Law & Marketing
    Special Issues in Technology
    Introduction to Pedagogy
    Aesthetics in the Arts
  Seminar (*)  
  Diploma Thesis (*)  


Secretary: +30-28310-21900, 902 & 903
Secretary (Fax): +30-28310-21912
Head of Department: +30-28310-21901


Students can contact the Secretary’s Office every Monday, Thursday and Friday between 11:00 and 13:00.

Secretary: Nikos Goniotakis