Undergraduate studies

The Department offers a wide variety of courses, starting from introductory courses, mainly on the first two semesters, up to specialized courses. These extend over 7 semesters. During the eight, last, semester students have their practical training.

The courses which are given each semester follow below

1st semester
Mathematics Ι
Physics Ι
Enginneering Mechanics
Introduction to Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Drawing I - CAD

2nd semester
Applied Mathematics
Physics II
Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Manufacturing Technologies I
Mechanical Drawing II - CAD

3rd semester
Electric Circuits & Electronics
Strength of Materials
Fluid Mechanics
Informatics for Engineers

4th semester
Mathematics ΙΙ
Machine Elements I
Machines I
Hydrodynamic Machines
Heat Transfer I
Mechanical Engineering English Terminology

5th semester
Electric Machines
Business and Project Management
Machine Elements II
Mechanical Design I
Mechatronic Systems I
Dynamics -- Vibrations
Building Ιnstallations
Heat Transfer II
Environmental Management

6th semester
Control Technology
Innovation Management and Business Planning
Mechatronic Systems ΙΙ
Industrial Systems and Maintenance
Principles of Digital Machine Control
Machines II
Solar Systems
Heating -- Cooling -- Air conditioning I

7th semester
Health, Safety, Ergonomy, and Law
Manufacturing Technologies I
Mechanical Design II
Micromechanics, Reverse Engineering
Wind Energy Systems
Combining Energy Systems
Heating -- Cooling -- Air conditioning II
Energy Μanagement and Use of Renewables in Buildings

Contact Info
Department Head
Dr. Dimitris Katsaprakakis