Course Category


Introductory Courses

Wave Physics

Mathematics I & II

Introduction to Computer Programming

Electronic Components & Circuits

Fundamentals of Music Theory and Notation

History & Morphological Aspects of Music I & II

English I, II & III

Multimedia Applications

Music Business – Law & Marketing

Aesthetics in the Arts

Introduction to Pedagogy

Intermediate Courses

Sound Systems Ι & ΙΙ

Introduction to Acoustics

Audio & Music Programming Environments 

Analog Circuits Ι & ΙΙ

Musical Acoustics – Physics of Musical Instruments

Music Communication Protocols

Digital Electronics

Sonic Morphs & Sound Design I & II

Computer Programming Languages

Applied Acoustics I & II

Sound Synthesis I & II

Sound Engineering – Studio, I & II

Digital Signal Processing

Microprocessing Systems

Specialization Courses

Applied Mathematics

Sound Engineering III

Electronic Musical Instruments

Applied Acoustics III

Special Topics in Music Programming

Mastering Protocols

Special Issues in Technology

Introduction to the Technology of Vision


Music Production Techniques

Multichannel Digital Audio Processing Systems

Lighting systems


Sound Engineering – Live Performance


Diploma Thesis

Professional Training