TA-1010 Fundamentals of Music Theory & Notation

Course Title:
Fundamentals of Music Theory & Notation


Short Description:
Staves, Ledger Lines, 8v, 15ma.
Clefs, G-F-C Clef, Recognition of Notes on a Staff.
Note Duration, whole to 64th, Triplets, Dotted Notes, Rests.
Rhythm, Measure, Bar Line, Simply-Complex-Mixed Time Signatures, Pickup Measure.
Tie, Syncopation, Contretemps.
Distances of Neighbouring Notes: Tone, Semitone, Tone+Semitone, Chromatic and Diatonic Semitone, Enharmonic Notes.
Accidentals: Sharps, Fats and Naturals.
Intervals: Major, Minor and Altered.
Formation of Scales: Major and Harmonic-Melodic Minor Scale.
Key Signature, Circle of Fifths.
Dynamics, Articulations, Colorations.
The theoretical course includes Practical Exercises (2 hours a week): Music Notation Software Practice (Finale, Sibelius), Ear Training, (EarMaster Pro).

1. Dimitris Pyrgiotis, Music Theory and Practice, Fagotto 2000, Athens
2. Vasilis Architectonides, Theory of Basic Knowledge of Music up to Harmony, Papagrigoriou Nakas, 1987 Athens

Course Assessment:
Lectures, Discussions, Final Examination.


Dr Kostas Paparrigopoulos (kpapa@staff.teicrete.gr)