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Dr. Evangelos Pallis was born in Athens, Greece, in 1971. He holds a PhD degree from the Electrical and Electronics Engineering dept., University of East London (February 2003), an MSc diploma in telecommunications for the same university (October 1997), and a BEng degree in electronics engineering from the Technological Educational Institute of Crete (April 1994). Currently, he acts as Full Professor at the Informatics Engineering department of the Technological Educational Institute of Crete (TEI of Crete), serves as Head of the “Research and Development of Telecommunications Systems” group (PASIPHAE), Deputy Director of the "Media, Networks and Communications Lab".(MCN), Director of the Network Engineering division, and departmental coordinator for the ERASMUS+ programme.
His academic activities are both at undergraduate and postgraduate level, including lecturing in the fields of wireless networks, linear and interactive broadcasting, resource optimization and network virtulisation. He has supervised more than 50 diploma theses and 5 MSc dissertations, and he has also guided 7 PhD research in collaboration with other Greek and European universities. Nowadays he is supervising 2 diploma theses and 1 MSc dissertations at TEI of Crete, and he is guiding 2 PhD research in collaboration with the university of the Aegean. His academic activities are complemented by a series of invited talks/lectures at other universities and institutions, as well as external advisor/evaluator for their programme of studies.
His research interests are in the fields of wireless networks and mobile communications, linear and interactive broadcasting, network/service management, QoS provision, and in service/network virtualization over SDN/NFV infrastructures. Results of his research efforts appear in 30 journal papers, 107 peer-reviewed conference publications, 4 books, 2 collective volumes, and 26 articles as book chapters. Part of his published research have been quoted by other scientists’ work, gathering more than 1300 citations and accumulating h-index=21 (Google Scholar). He has participated in more than 25 National and EU-funded R&D projects, attracting more than 3M€ funding for TEI of Crete the last 10 years. Currently he is involved as institutional coordinator in three R&D H2020 projects and one ERASMUS+ strategic partnership. He has also contributed to the patent FORECASTING MIDDLEWARE SCHEDULER - (FMS), EP3301945 (A1) ― 2018-04-04, "A SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR FORECASTING THE DEMAND FOR MULTIMEDIA CONTENT AND FOR SELECTING THE OPTIMAL DELIVERY METHODS".
In the framework of knowledge dissemination, he acts as member of the IEE/IET and IEEE/ComSoc, member of the Editorial Board (Regional Editor) for the Information Technology Journal and the Research Journal of Information Technology (Science Alert), reviewer in a number of scientific publications such as the IEEE Network Magazine, COMNET (Elsevier), Journal of Network and Computer Applications (MDPI), and he has acted as member in numerous technical programme committees for international peer-reviewed conferences. He also hold the General Chair of the “International Conference on Telecommunications and Multimedia” (TEMU), which is technical co-sponsored by IEEE/ComSoc. Since May 2007, I am distinguished member of the Greek Association of Regional TV Channels. He also served as the Chair of the Broadcast & Multicast Cluster coordinating the efforts of 7 EU-funded projects (March 2006 to March 2008), and has participated in the standardisation efforts of IETF CDNi (June 2011 to April 2012), while from March 2017 he is contributing to the ETSI “NG112 Emergency Communications Plugtests”.

Head of the Department οf Informatics Engineering

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