Network Engineering

The Network Engineering specialisation programme at the Informatics Engineering department of TEI of Crete focuses on the study, analysis, design, synthesis and implementation of networked audiovisual services and applications, by delving into the architectural and technological principles of a) telecommunication systems and converged services platforms, b) multimedia creation, manipulation and delivery over heterogeneous infrastructures, and c) network programming, management and administration for guaranteed QoS provision. Students of this programme can acquire theoretical knowledge and technical expertise in the above areas, as well as to develop oral and written communication skills and cultivate creative teamwork, through a number of taught lectures and laboratory-based exercises carried under real or control conditions environments (simulations). More specifically, students can obtain state-of-the-art know-how in the following areas:

  • Telecommunications systems and Internet platforms.
  • Pervasive networks and services infrastructures.
  • Network management and administration.
  • Multimedia and interactive services.

Web-based applications and QoS/QoE provision.The program provides its graduates with the necessary breadth and depth of knowledge in order to function as entry-level system engineers in the industry (offering sustained career growth in design, prototyping, implementation, integration, maintenance and performance evaluation testing), or enter graduate programs in the field for advanced study.

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