Computer Networks

Academic Semester:
Course TypeReference NumberSubprogram
CompulsoryTheory: ΤΠ40Κ2
Lab: ΤΠ41Κ2
SemesterAcademic YearHours per week
Spring2ndTheory: 3 Lab: 2
Final exam for the theoritical part, projects for the laboratorial one611
PrerequisitesTeaching methodTeaching Language
Lectures with parallel laboratory classesGreek

Academic Staff

Faculty in charge: 
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παναγιωτάκης σπυρίδων
Panagiotakis Spyros
Associate Professor
Επίκουρος Καθηγητής
0030 2810 379707


Theory course

  • Introduction (Network types, Internet Anatomy, delays in packet switched networks, Encapsulation).
  • Transport Layer (Basic Concepts, Multiplexing/Demultiplexing)
  • Network Layer (Basic Concepts, Routing, Subnetting, ΝΑΤ, DHCP)
  • Data Link Layer (Error Detection and Correction, Media Access Control Protocols, Reliable/Unreliable Data Transfer, ARQ mechanisms (Go-Back-N, Selective Repeat), LAN, Ethernet, MAC, ARP).

Lab course
Practice using network simulators and emulators:

  • Static Routing - Static Route Configuration
  • LAN and VLANs
  • Spanning Tree protocols
  • Network management/monitoring tools
Recommended Reading/ Textbooks
  • Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach, 6th Edition, J.F. Kurose, K.W. Ross, ISBN: 978-960-512-6575.
  • Computer Networks (5th Edition), A. Tanenbaum, ISBN 960-7510-70-4.
  • Olivier Bonaventure, “Computer Networking: Principles, Protocols and Practice”, Release 0.25.
  • Ying-Dar Lin, Ren-Hung Hwang, Fred Baker, “Computer Networks An Open Source Approach”, McGraw-Hill Higher Education, 2012.
  • Web sites

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