Teaching Informatics

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CompulsoryTheory: ΤΠ40Κ6
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Spring2ndTheory: 2 Lab:
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ξεζωνάκης ιωάννης
Xezonakis Ioannis

Course description

  • Computer Science in education - Discipline and educational mean:
    • The evolution of the introduction and integration of Information Technology (IT) in education
    • Learning of computing and learning with the aid of IT
  • Computers and adult learning - Computers and distance education
  • Learning theories and educational digital environments
    • Behaviorism, Cognitive theory, Socio-cultural theory
  • Digital educational application
    • computer as a "teacher" (drill and practice, intelligent tutoring systems)
    • computer as a "student"
    • computer as learning environment
  • Designing IT courses – Lesson planning using ICT
  • Programming and teaching approaches
  • Concept mapping
  • Role play and teaching IT
  • Brainstorming and teaching IT
  • Evaluation in the IT courses - Types of feedback
  • Free software - Open Source Software
  • Reflection on the designing of a IT course

Head of the Department οf Informatics Engineering
Malamos Athanasio ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR, amalamos@hmu.gr

Deputy Head of the Department οf Informatics Engineering
Marias Kostas ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR, kmarias@hmu.gr

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