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Professional Preparation: 
PhD, Electronics and Computer Engineering Dept., Technical University of Crete (2013)
MSc, Computer Science Dept., University of Crete (1997)
Diploma, Computer Engineering and Informatics Dept., University of Patras (1992)

Full CV

Georgios Kornaros is an Assistant Prof. at the Informatics Engineering Department of the Technological Educational Institute of Crete, Greece, where he
leads the Intelligent Systems and Computer Architecture Group. 
In the past as a hardware designer and system architect Kornaros
has designed single-chip network processors for the industry and
currently he is involved in multiple European research projects.
His research interests include multi-/many-core architectures, high-speed
communication architectures and energy-efficient and heterogeneous
computing, embedded and reconfigurable systems. 
Kornaros has published more than 60 scientific articles,
and edited the book “MultiCore Embedded Systems”. 
He holds three patents and is a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece.

Head of the Department οf Informatics Engineering
Malamos Athanasio ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR, amalamos@hmu.gr

Deputy Head of the Department οf Informatics Engineering
Marias Kostas ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR, kmarias@hmu.gr

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