Embedded Systems

Academic Semester:
Course TypeReference NumberSubprogram
Compulsory in SubprogramTheory: ΤΠ70Υ1
Computer Engineering
SemesterAcademic YearHours per week
Winter4thTheory: 3 Lab: 2
Theory: Intermediate exams (40%) Final exams (60%). Laboratory: Writing of laboratorial exercises and attendance in the laboratorial exercises (50%), final examination (50%).69
PrerequisitesTeaching methodTeaching Language
Lectures supported by PowerPoint presentations. Laboratorial exercises using Xilinx CAD tools and development board, Mentor Graphics Modelsim.Greek

Academic Staff

Faculty in charge: 
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κορνάρος γιώργος
Kornaros George
Assistant Professor
Επίκουρος Kαθηγητής
+30 2810 379868


This course aims to provide an introduction to designing embedded systems using modern CAD tools and technology for building embedded Systems-on-Chip. These include hardware and software co-design, development of an integrated system, and operating system concepts for embedded systems.

  • Introduction
  • Embedded system architectures, CPUs, DSPs, SoCs
  • Modelling, Software for embedded systems, programming for embedded systems
  • Real-time embedded systems, timers, events, interrupts
  • Real-time Operating systems, Middleware,scheduling, operations, programming
  • Implementing Embedded Systems: Hardware/Software Co-design           
  • Embedded systems on FPGA
  • MicroBlaze, PowerPC architectures and peripherals, hardware and software approach
  • Peripherals and system development on FPGA
  • Hardware/Software Codesign 


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