Students of each semester are allocated a tutor whose role is to advise them on their academic progress and personal development throughout their degree programme and also on any other difficulties which may arise. The lecturers-advisors belong to the permanent academic staff. The purpose of this cooperation is to help students better organize their personal programme of studies. Also tutors can assist and support students with disabilities. Any student with a documented disability needing academic adjustments is requested to speak directly to the lecturer-advisor as early in the semester as possible (preferably within the first week). All discussions will remain confidential. Seven lecturers-advisors are appointed each academic year, one for the students of each study semester.


Semester Tutor Tel Email
1rst E.Papadaki 2810-379525 papadaki@staff.teicrete.gr
2nd S. Koukouli 2810-379517 koukouli@staff.teicrete.gr
3th V. Papadaki 2810-379529 vpapadaki@staff.teicrete.gr
4th N. Ratsika 2810-379527 ratsika@staff.teicrete.gr
5th M. Papadakaki 2810-379518 mpapadakaki@yahoo.gr
6th A. Kalaitzaki 2810-379551 akalaitzaki@staff.teicrete.gr
7th M. Prokopakis 2810-379526 mprokop@staff.teicrete.gr
8th E. Dialinaki 2810-379544 edialinaki@staff.teicrete.gr