Game Technologies

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Elective in subprogramTheory: ΤΠ60Δ4
Network Engineering
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Spring3rdTheory: 3 Lab: 2
Theory: Midterm and Final Exam. Laboratory: Exercises & Projects69
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Lectures with parallel laboratory classesGreek, English

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παχουλάκης ιωάννης
Pachoulakis Ioannis
Assistant Professor
Επίκουρος Καθηγητής


Introduction - Game Ingredients - Game Engines.
Mathematical Background: points and lines: definition of point and line, line properties, applications in collision detection - geometry: distances, parabola, circles and spheres with applications in collision detection - trigonometry identities.Vector and scalar quantities - cartesian and polar coordinates - vectors: definition, addition and subtraction, dot and cross product - arrays: equality, addition and subtraction, multiplication by constant, matrices.
Common game transformations: translation, scaling and rotation in 2D and 3D and their combination.
Motion in 1D, 2D and 3D: velocity and acceleration as scalars and vectors - equations of motion, using vectors - projectiles and explosions.
Forces Collisions: their effect in motion - work, kinetic and dynamic energy, energy conservation. Collisions with stationary and mobile objects, elastic and inelastic collisions - conservation of energy and momentum, modeling collisions, collision forecasting, collision detection. Rotational Motion
Gaming by Scripting
Game Assets: importing assets, materials, shadows
Animations: Construction and triggering
Object Visibility and Player Focus
Forces, Joints and Particle Systems
GUI and Inventory creation and maintenance

LABORATORY: Combine theory bits to construct new games or modify existing games using game engines such as Unity.


  • Norton, T., Learning C# by Developing Games with Unity 3D”, Packt Publishing, 2013
  • Suvak, J., Learn Unity3D Programming with UnityScript, APress, 2014
  • Unity3D online Tutorials (

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