Blended Academic International Mobility (BAIM)

Στα πλαίσια του προγράμματος Blended Academic International Mobility (BAIM) BAIM_promotion.pptx  ψάχνω για 2 καλούς φοιτητές για να πραγματοποιήσουν την πτυχιακή τους το Εαρινό Εξάμηνο 2017-2018 σε συνεργασία με φοιτητές από άλλα συνεργαζόμενα Ιδρύματα.  Αναγκαία προσόντα καλή γνώση της Αγγλικής και  προγραμματισμός και επιθυμητά Επεξεργασία Εικόνας, Αναγνώριση Προτύπων, Νευρωνικά Δίκτυα και Υπολογιστική Όραση.  Οι ενδιαφερόμενοι φοιτητές να επικοινωνήσουν μαζί μου μέχρι Δευτέρα 22 Γενάρη. Η επιλογή θα γίνει μέχρι την Παρασκευή 26 Γενάρη  και θα λάβουν μέρος στην αρχική συνάντηση των φοιτητών στο Ghent Βέλγιο, από 19 -23 Φλεβάρη  2018 (τα  έξοδα θα καλυφτούν από το πρόγραμμα – 730 € ανά φοιτητή – με δωρεάν στέγαση) και θα κάνουν  παρουσίαση των project  τέλη Ιούνη 2018 στo  Ηράκλειο Κρήτης.

  1. EPIHUNTERBrief description of your company: (Dutch only, sorry!)
Epihunter builds smart connected solutions that normalize daily life of people confronted with epilepsy. When a father with a background in global digital programmes was confronted with the daily challenges caused by epilepsy, he couldn't but envision solutions that positively impact daily life of people with all forms of epilepsy. Epihunter has received their first funding, collaborates with major players and experts and is working on their first product market introduction early 2018.

Title Project + clear description of the project you have in mind:
SOCIAL - People with epilepsy are threatened by social isolation as seizures come unexpected. We envision a concept that allows people with epilepsy to go out with their friends and family safely and without stigmatization. Another possible case is that of a kid suffering epilepsy and our solution helping both kid and teacher(s) to ensure the kid can lead a normal school life.
Epihunter uses innovative 3rd party hardware for their solutions and puts them in new and unexpected combinations. Within this project we would appreciate a solution mock-up to be created, it to be validated and iterated with users and experts, a technical poc to be build and core marketing communications (in words and visual) to be drafted. Exact details and scope are open for discussion.



The challenge here is to build a conversational user experience for a 'shop bot'. For instance: a customer in a pet shop could ask the robot 'My cat is losing hair all of the time, do you have anything I could use?' after which the robot gives useful information about which products are interesting and where to find them.
Students have access to the Knowledgeflow API.
A POC developed by the student team should provide the following insights:
Business perspective
- What unique value can these interfaces offer to the Knowledgeflow customers?
Marketing / branding perspective
- How can the conversational user experience be designed?
- How can this Knowledgeflow component be branded?
- How can it be marketed to our customers?
Technical perspective
- Building a conversational back-end that uses KF data
- Building a chat bot, using off the shelf components where possible, or a native app
- Building an integration with a voice assistent a la Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Siri



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