Mobile and Personal Communication Networks

Academic Semester:
Course TypeReference NumberSubprogram
Compulsory in SubprogramTheory: ΤΠ70Δ1
Network Engineering
SemesterAcademic YearHours per week
Winter4thTheory: 3 Lab: 2
Theory: Written final exam on the entirety of the assigned material (100%). Laboratory: lab exercises (40%), final examination on the entirety of the assigned material (60%)69
PrerequisitesTeaching methodTeaching Language
Lectures with parallel laboratory classesGreek

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στρατάκης δημήτριος
Stratakis DImitrios
Assistant Professor
Αναπληρωτής Καθηγητής
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  • Introduction: mobile communications systems. Definitions, categories,
  • Mobile telephone systems,
  • Channel Characterization in mobile communications,
  • Propagation of signals,
  • Radio coverage models,
  • Development of empirical models,
  • Telecommunication traffic, quality of service,
  • Cellular mobile communications systems
  • Installation of base stations


  •  Installation of base stations,
  •  Studies of radio coverage,
  •  Studies of frequency assignment,
  •  Studies of interference,
  •  Development of systems for electromagnetic field measurements.


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