Greetings from the Rector

Welcome to the website of the Technological Educational Institute of Crete.

Our Institute, one of the 36 Higher Education Institutes of Greece, offers quality undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the fields of Informatics, Engineering, Health, Agriculture and Food, Economics and Management, Environment. The TEI of Crete is constantly being ranked at the top of the list of its peers, while it has received wide recognition for its direct contribution to the development of both Crete and Greece.

The studies at the TEI of Crete are of particular high standards, as proved by the External Evaluations carried out by the Hellenic Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency. The teaching and research qualifications and the consistency of the staff, the modern Study Programmes, the connection to the trade and social bodies and the way we supervise and support our graduates, guarantee a complete education providing our graduates with the appropriate guidelines, so that they follow the correct profession or continue with further studies, dependent on their aptitudes.

Our several collaborations with numerous Greek and more than 120 European Higher Education Institutes contribute drastically to the internationalisation of the provided studies. Our students are encouraged to travel to other countries for completing part of their studies. Those who study at our Institute also come in contact with foreign students and are often being taught by European professors. The Department has received awards for its international relations in Europe and, of course, in Greece.

At the TEI of Crete, the Administration and the staff work tirelessly, focusing always on our institutional goals with regard to quality education, excellence, real education and the wider interest of our ca. 15.000 active students. We continue to transfer our main principles to our students, which are transparency in making and implementing our decisions, equality and respect. We encourage the free way of thinking and the expression of new ideas, self-motivation and cooperation: we seek to create complete Scientists – Citizens.  

Our economic efficiency works as a guarantee for the State to keep financing us. Apart from that, the TEI of Crete, through the numerous educational, research and development projects that it carries out, ensures receiving extra funds to support the studies and our students, which are equivalent to many years of state funding.

Therefore, we suggest that you browse through the numerous pages on our website:

  • The candidates and their parents shall see a full description of our undergraduate and postgraduate studies, together with the possibilities to support our young students during their studies and everyday life at the Institute
  • Our current students can provide all the necessary information concerning the classes, the studies, the contact with the professors, the Student Care Office, the exchange programmes with universities abroad, the chances of working at the Institute and at trade and industry bodies, important links for the life and the entertainment in the cities, where the departments are located, etc.
  • The new scientists shall explore the chances of being hired by the TEI of Crete for teaching or participating in research or development projects
  • Our possible research colleagues have instant access to our research accomplishments, to the experience of our scientists, to current programmes, to our direct goals.
  • The bodies of the private and the public sector may contact specialized scientists for scientific and technical support and for seeking suitable graduates for work.
  • The candidates supplying us with the necessary services and goods shall find anything they seek for in terms of transparency and equality.
  • Citizens from the general public can be informed of our scientific and social work and of our cultural activities.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us, if you require any further information.

Rector of  TEI  of Crete,

Evaggelos Kapetanakis, Professor