Quality Assurance Unit

The Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) is the institutional body established upon decision of the highest corporate body, which is responsible for coordinating and supporting the quality assurance and evaluation procedures of the Institute. Head of the QAU is the Vice-President for Academic Affairs of the Institute. It is responsible for consulting the Management so that the latter is informed of the current situation in the institute regarding the quality of the educational and research work related to the study programmes of each department, so that it can plan and assist actions aiming at their support and/or improvement.

According to the existing legal framework the QAU is responsible, among others, for:

  • Completing a bi-annual Internal Report about the overall function of the Institute. This Internal Report is based on information provided by the ordinary Annual Internal Reports submitted to the QAU by the several Departments of the Institute. The Report is handed to the Administration of the Institute.
  • Completing regularly, every four years, an Internal Evaluation Report about the function of the Institute. This Report is handed to the Administration of the Institute; in case of an External Evaluation of the Institute as a whole, it is handed to the HQA, so that it activates the process of the external evaluation of the Institute carried out by a specialized Committee of External Experts. The process of the External Evaluation is repeated every fourth year from the previous evaluation, at the latest.
  • Ensuring that the quality assessment and the evaluation procedures are working, being coordinated and supported in the best possible way.
  • Submitting, every four years, to the HQA the Internal Evaluation Reports of the academic units of this Institute, so that it activates the external evaluation process.
  • Ensuring that the academic units shall have any kind of support, either counselling or technical, so that they can coordinate and assure the transparent function of the Quality Assurance and Evaluation process at School level.

The TEI of Crete is working vigorously on the implementation of the internal evaluation process; the QAU of the TEI of Crete has been established and started working according to provisions of L.4009/2011 and the decision no 27/27-03-2009 made by the Committee of the Institute, whose members are the following:

  1. President, Savvakis Konstantinos, Deputy President of the TEI
  2. Vasilakis Konstantinos, Professor of STA
  3. Loulakakis Konstantinos, Professor of SAFT
  4. Makris Ioannis, Associate Professor of SAS
  5. Tsoukatos Evaggelos, Assistant Professor of SME
  6. Koukouli Sofia, Assistant Professor of SHWS
  7. Drakoulakis Stylianos, STS, representative of TS&STS

It is also expected that one student appointed by the student unions shall participate in the QAU. Although every student union received a written invitation, they did not answer back and they did not appoint a representative.