Career and Entrepreneurship


The Employment and Career Centre (ECC) is a new body established in the TEI of Crete under the NSRF, which shall be included in the organizational chart of the Institute as soon as its financing is completed. The main objective of ECC, TEI of Crete is to unite the several bodies of the TEI of Crete that are engaged in the cooperation with the Trade and Industry bodies, the bodies promoting employment, the educational institutes of postgraduate studies and vocational training programmes along with the bodies promoting innovative entrepreneurship.

The activities of ECC are aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students, at seniors and graduates from the TEI of Crete. Its main goal is to give the above-mentioned students the chance to familiarize themselves with the working environment of their future job and at the same time to acquire innovative skills and knowledge that will significantly enhance their job skills or the development of initiatives in their career..

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