Code of Ethics

All teaching staff of the TEI of Crete, undergraduate and postgraduate students and the Institute’s administration are committed to the following code of ethics:

  • Keep the quality of teaching and research on a high level
  • Respect the academic freedom of speech and collaborate with one another
  • Deny themselves plagiarism
  • Support different views and opinions than their own with respect free from fanatic behavior
  • Do not create or stand as a barrier to the academic rights’ of fellow professors and staff
  • Use the Institute’s establishments appropriately
  • Behave appropriately and they do not take advantage of their profession inside and outside of the institute
  • Do not use violence
  • Act with integrity competence and discretion
  • Avoid discrimination
  • Respect privacy

Especially for those dealing with research projects: they are obliged to encourage dialogue and collaboration, give credit to authors and writers of scientific texts and recognize the collaborative work by each one of the researchers.