Department of Social Work

We welcome you to the website of the Department of Social Work, TEI of Crete, which is located in the suburbs of Heraklion on the island of Crete. Our Department was established during the 1970s, being one of the oldest Departments in the field in Greece. We have developed a wide undergraduate study programme which combines the theoretical knowledge of the modern trends in social work with the systematic practical training of the students in real working environments of social workers. We invite you to get to know us through the several sections of our website, hoping that you will get a full picture of the activities conducted in our Department. If you need any further information, please, do not hesitate to contact us.  

The Department of Social Work, established in 1973, belongs to the School of Health and Welfare Services (SHWS), TEI of Crete. The many years of hard work have contributed significantly to acquiring valuable knowledge and experience in the field of Social Work.

The Department aims at training students in Social Work and at creating graduates qualified to work in the social services of the country.

The provided training includes:

  • specializing in the field of Social Work through relevant courses
  • interdisciplinarity through a series of courses covering relevant fields of study
  • job practice, which prepares the students for the practical field of Social Work and is actually the clue that differentiates this study programme from those of similar Schools.

It is important to mention that, unlike other academic programmes which the students can successfully complete by performing well in a classroom or a laboratory room, the training in Social Work as in other sciences that involve contact with people (medicine, nursing, etc.) demands that the students apply their knowledge and skills in real social and working conditions, bringing them into constant contact and interaction with the people, the social groups and the society. The ratio of theoretical to laboratorial classes is 1,5:1.

The teaching staff of the Department – 8 permanent professors and a number of scientific and laboratory collaborators – comprises mostly Social Workers with many years of experience in applied Social Work, Social Scientists, Psychologists, Lawyers, Statistical Experts, etc. Each year ca. 100 new students are enrolled in the Department.

Permanent goal of the Department is to open up to Europe through exchange programmes for students and professors and through collaborations with European partners in both research and educational level.  

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